End to End Delivery

In order to deliver complex solutions from design to implementation, regardless of the project size or purpose, we have created a suite of best practices, know-how, advanced technologies and methodologies.


After the detailed analysis we establish an autonomous team with a single point of contact and we offer a set of solutions that answer to your business need and are aligned with the overall business mission.


We recommend a methodology and a workflow, analyze the infrastructure elements needed to work remotely and define the hardware and software needs. Afterwards we agree on a delivery center and we detail the SLAs.


The next step is the agreement on terms and conditions regarding the delivery and the implementation of the project. A knowledge transfer takes place between your team and the team from Vistory, preferably via an onsite workshop.


We can decide if we have a time & material or fixed price model. It will be used when specifications can change often during the development process or the total effort dedicated to a project can’t be estimated in advance.