In Vistory, we work on innovative projects and we are proud to show it here.


Gleeter is a social network of fashion, it’s linked with a totally open market place.

With our indexing technology and our market strategy, we integrate brands like Zara, H&M, Uniqlo.

Well, Gleeter offers the possibility to buy your clothes with the guaranty that it will fit you, and to share your last trends with your friends.

For more information: Gleeter Website

NGA Bank

This platform is a mobile banking designed for B2B and B2C market which:

  • Centralize different payment method including:
    • The cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum,
    • But also the traditional method such as Visa/Mastercard, Paypal, Current Account,

  • And in conformity with ISO 14443 standard for NFC payment and ISO 7816 for card payment.


Vess is On Premise portal allowing companies to:

  • Realize economies of scale,
    • Via dynamic cloud migration,
  • Keep same consistency level: performance and security.

For more information: Vess Website


This project consists in accelerating the change management for retail companies.

Like in the movie, we simulate end users and customers experience within 4K rendered scenes.


This platform consists in allowing cities to:

  • Forecast the pollution level,
  • Decide ecological measure and public health notification,
  • Measure, in real time, the decisions impact.

Smart Grid

This platform consists in allowing users to:

  • Forecast the multi-fluid consumption such as the gas, electricity and water,
  • Decide for the multi-fluid consumption,
  • Measure, in real time, the decisions impact on the meter.

And more projects to come...