SESAME is a privileged account management solution based on Blockchain technology.

It allows end users not to have to call Helpdesk to resolve personal account management problems.

SESAME allows the automation of frequent requests processing : 

  • unlock your Windows account,
  • change your password,
  • temporary rights increase on your workstation.

To do this, SESAME relies on three key features:

Enrollment, a step allowing the pairing of the user's smartphone and his account through Vistory's private blockchain.

Connection, thanks to a unique PIN code assigned to each user; a limited number of attempts are made to enhance the security of the process.

User administration, which is the management and administration interface for adding or removing users.

Aware of Cyber ​​risks, we are committed to delivering secure and tested solutions to all of our customers: Ministry of Defense, Total, Société Générale..

Thus, SESAME has started a first level security certification process (CSPN) in accordance with ANSSI prescriptions.

It had to be obtained before Q2 2020.

Product roadmap:


  • Securing moving laptop’s communications, which only have unsecured connections, by PN between the laptop and the company’s IS.
  • Multiple authentication (MFA) by SMS,
  • Smartcard’s integration for user authentication,
  • IAM extension,
  • API’s “ServiceNow”  integration, main tool of helpdesk administrators.