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What is Vess ?

VESS is a FinOPS dedicated to distributed systems in the cloud. Our tool enables economies of scale to be achieved through automated migrations between different Cloud Operators .

VESS supports its integration within your IS, but also as part of your Cloud transformation, whether it is IaaS or SaaS. Set your mitigation thresholds and financial criteria, VESS will do the rest.

Our offer

Streamline your costs

Increase productivity! Via our automation modules, you reduce the operating burden of your infrastructures and optimize your internal offers. With a few clicks, provision virtual machines from any IaaS provider and manage your subscriptions, control your purchase costs and resale prices. Its streamlined supervision interface will allow you to intervene in the blink of an eye.

Optimize your flexibility

Through its unique management portal, VESS allows you to industrialize the 'As a Service' management of your customers' infrastructures, with an SRM approach: Automated internal invoicing, activity reporting,...

Switch to distributed systems with Vess

Unlike our competitors, we want to transform existing heterogeneity into apparent homogeneity. Thus we claim the status of 'Meta Cloud Management Platform': a single portal to manage our customers' entire fleet, regardless of the type of hosting.

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