Smart Grid

What is VertPom?

Smart Grid is a Cloud platform which allows the connection of multi-fluid smart counters to optimize productivity, routing, distribution and consumption of different resources such as : Gaz, electricity and water.

Our Role

To allow CIAC-IT to pass its project into production and to validate the various technical and cyber milestones imposed by ADEME. We have therefore conceived and developed a secure and scalable system architecture for the VertPom platform. Thus, it hosts and secures remote management tools and data collection.

Our service is divided into three parts:

The design

Design and implementation of an n-Third party architecture to host and secure VertPom

Managed Services and Support

Ensure that the entire infrastructure and its hosting are maintained in operational condition


- Security audit
- Performing intrusion tests
- Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)

Contact us

phone icon +33 1 74 31 25 88 position icon 8 bis Rue Traversière, 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt