What is Sesame ?

Sesame is a remote account management mobile application available on both Android and iOS.

With Sesame, you get an incomparable user experience.

We designed this tool with ease of use at the heart of our strategy.
Once registered, Sesame's various functions are available with a simple click.

In its current version, users will be able to:

Unlock their Windows Active Directory account

Change their password via their smartphone

Have a temporary increase in rights on their workstation


In addition to simplifying your users' lives, Sesame allows you to:

Reduce IT support costs

On average 20% of support tickets are password related, 1% of users call helpdesk every day for these reasons

Reduce the workload of support teams

Your teams will have the opportunity to focus on more important tasks

Increase your productivity

Our users will no longer have downtime related to this type of issue

Increasing your level of IT security

Our product is based on Blockchain technology and integrates with key account security standards

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